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Why Participate in a Clinical Research Trial?

There are many reasons as to why you should participate in clinical research trials. As a participant, you assist in gathering information about innovative, new treatments that can potentially help your condition and that of millions of other people. You also stand to reap any potential benefits of the new drug or treatment first, in addition to being one of the first people involved in a possibly revolutionary clinical trial that will have a far-reaching impact on the field of medicine.

Additional Benefits of Participating in Clinical Trials

The other advantages of being a participant in research studies can include free medical care from physicians who specialize in treating that condition. Your physician care will not cost you anything, at any point in the study. In fact, treatment, study-related evaluations and follow-up will be provided to you at absolutely NO COST. In addition, health insurance is NOT REQUIRED to participate in clinical trials. As a participant, you may be eligible for compensation for you time and travel involved with the clinical trial.

You Help Others through Clinical Trial Participation

Aside from the other benefits, one of the most persuasive reasons to participate in clinical trials is the possibility of helping other people who live with the targeted condition. If you suffer from the condition, you are actively taking part in finding an effective treatment or cure for not only yourself, but also everyone else who lives with it. You can help in developing a better comprehension of the condition, leading to new or improved drugs and treatments. You can play a critical role in the drug testing and approval process as a clinical trial participant, which is invaluable to the field of medicine and society.

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