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 What is Hyperlipidemia?

Learn about Accord's Hyperlipidemia Clinical Trials

Artery that is clogged by high lipid levels and plaque buildupHave you been diagnosed with hyperlipidemia? It’s not a condition many people become familiar with until they are affected by it personally, but it is one that can cause serious complications. This leaves people looking for treatment and additional answers. One thing that not many realize is that we conduct clinical trials targeted to this condition. Currently, we are looking to enroll volunteers from Port Orange who have been diagnosed with hyperlipidemia.

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So what is hyperlipidemia? To answer that question effectively, it’s important to first understand what a lipid is. This is the scientific term used to describe the fatty acids present in the bloodstream. Similar to cholesterol, lipids play a very vital role in the human body, but they can also cause a whole host of problems when they start to build up. The word “hyperlipidemia” simply means high lipid levels. Clinical studies have shown that people who are diagnosed with the condition often have high cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

As the levels of lipids rise, it can heighten the risk of atherosclerosis (a hardening of the arteries). The interior of healthy arteries are unobstructed and smooth, but plaque will form along the inside as we age. This sticky plaque is comprised of lipids and other substances that are present in the bloodstream. Arteries that become clogged with plaque are more stiff and narrow.

It’s important to make adjustments to keep improve your overall cardiovascular health, because atherosclerosis may lead to:

  • Stroke
  • Heart disease
  • Heart attack

Regular exercise and other healthy lifestyle habits such as eating well can keep your lipid levels lower and prevent the development of hyperlipidemia. In fact, this is often the first thing that a cardiologist recommends for people who are diagnosed with the condition.

What Are the Primary Causes of Hyperlipidemia?

Unfortunately, this cardiovascular condition does not produce any physical symptoms that you’ll be able to identify. This is why it is critical to become familiar with the lifestyle habits that can lead to these types of problems. Now, clinical trials have shown that there are many factors which can lead to high lipid levels, and some of these things we can’t control.

To simplify things, we are going to list the most common lifestyle habits and medical conditions that are responsible for hyperlipidemia.

Poor lifestyle choices include:

  • Maintaining a diet that is too high in saturated fat contents
  • Exercising infrequently or not at all
  • Not maintaining a healthy weight for your age and height
  • Smoking cigarettes

Medical conditions that can cause problems include:

  • Renal impairment and kidney disease
  • Thyroid gland impairment
  • Diabetes
  • Even pregnancy

Remember we mentioned some factors could be out of your control? This is because researchers have discovered some people actually can inherit a genetic disposition. This means that they might still have higher than normal lipid levels, despite making healthier lifestyle choices.

In general, those who are most at risk for hyperlipidemia include:

  • Men older than 45
  • Women older 55
  • People who have a relative affected by early-stage cardiovascular disease

5 Lifestyle Tips for Improving Your Heart Health

Hyperlipidemia Clinical Trials in Port Orange, FL

As we mentioned earlier, our research team is looking for research volunteers in the local area who’d like to participating in a clinical trial for this condition. For those of you who have never enrolled in a trial before, we highly recommend spending some time reading through our participant resource section (click here). It contains plenty of helpful information that will surely answer some of your questions. Also, feel free to contact us by phone or email at

There is a screening process for each clinical trial, but one of our principal investigators can tell you more about that. You will be compensated for your time and any travel expenses related to the study. At the same time, participants will be granted access to cutting-edge medicine that is not available anywhere else.

Accord Clinical Research is located in Port Orange, FL and currently conducts clinical trials targeted toward a diverse range of medical conditions. If you don’t have hyperlipidemia, then you can click here to see what other studies we are enrolling for. Interested in helping us advance modern medicine? Please call us today at (386) 760-7353.