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Rapid Start-Up

Technology improves clinical trial start up capabilitiesAccord has exceptional rapid start-up capabilities for clinical trials. Our efficient and accurate submission techniques allow us to obtain protocol approval and begin studies – all within a few days of receiving final protocol. In fact, we have experience with rapid start-ups for numerous clinical research studies. With our innovative tracking system, we uphold a precise chain of custody for investigational substances and vital documents.

We are able to immediately utilize our databases in the community for patient recruiting. In the Port Orange, FL area, we attract a diverse local population for clinical trials. Our conveniently located facility makes patient travel and commuting more manageable, making it easier for them to participate in clinical research studies throughout the Daytona area and Central Florida.

We can quickly initiate clinical trials with our proficiencies in numerous areas. We have streamlined protocol implementation, training with PIs and coordinators and expedient regulatory approvals with IRBs. These competencies provide Accord with the ability to conduct rapid start-up clinical trials.

Accord’s rapid start-up clinical trials are efficiently coordinated with a focused sub-team committed to effective and fast implementation in a quality manner.