Migraine Headache Clinical Trials

We are enrolling for migraine headache clinical trials at our clinic in Port Orange, Florida. If you are living with frequent migraine attacks, then you could qualify for a clinical trial at Accord Clinical Research.

Do you know someone else who like to participate in a migraine headache clinical trial? We do have a Refer-A-Friend program where you can earn up to $100 for each qualified person you refer. To learn more, read all the details about our Refer-A-Friend program.

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So you are interested in entering a migraine headache clinical trial in Port Orange– that’s great, but unfortunately it isn’t as simple as that. Each study we conduct has specific qualification criteria which means that we need to screen each person that wants to enroll. If you are ready to get started, then there are two things that you can do:

  1. Fill our our online form – It only takes a minute to fill out our online form (in the upper right hand corner of this page). You’ll need to provide a valid email and phone number so that we can contact you about our enrolling constipation studies.
  2. Call us – You can also call us to see if you qualify for a clinical study. Just call (386) 760-7272 anytime between 7 AM and 5 PM weekdays.

There are headaches and then there are migraines. The debilitating pain can make it nearly impossible to finish your daily activities. Some experience these symptoms only once in a while, while others suffer from recurrent migraine attacks each week. On top of that, a single migraine can last for several days. These chronic cases are difficult to predict and manage.

That’s precisely why migraine headache clinical trials are so important and why participants are so valued. For some, the prospect of participating in a clinical study can be daunting. Others have come to realize the value this research is producing.

Migraine headache clinical trials are helping to produce more effective and safer treatments, as well as identifying steps you can take right now to prevent future attacks. If you qualify for one of our studies, your involvement will help us develop better ways to treat migraines by the validating new medicines.

Do You Qualify for a Migraine Headache Clinical Trial at Accord?

We mentioned earlier that there are specific qualification criteria for every migraine clinical study we conduct at our clinic. This is why we can’t list any specifics on this page. However, there are a few things that our enrollment team would like you to know before you contact them:

  • Each participant is expected to comply with the procedures (clinic visits, scheduled exams, etc.) required to complete the study.
  • A record of substance or alcohol abuse within the last 5 years could disqualify you.
  • You don’t need health insurance to qualify for a clinical trial.
  • You should have experienced at least one migraine within the last month.

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Compensation for Study Participation

For those that participate in a clinical trial, physical examinations, lab services and study-related medications are all provided free of charge. Qualified participants may also receive compensation for time and travel. Please note that compensation does vary depending on the type of study being conducted. Please call us at (386) 760-7272 if you have any questions about clinical trial compensation.

Migraine Headache Symptoms

Did you know that there are 30 million Americans who report getting migraine headaches each month? They are common and yet many people don’t know what makes a migraine attack different than a particularly acute headache. Here are some of the symptoms associated with migraines:

  • Pain that is pulsating or throbbing
  • Pain that is localized to one side of the head
  • Increased sensitivity to light, sounds and particular smells
  • Blurry vision
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Feeling lightheaded and even fainting in some extreme cases

(The symptoms of migraine attack can persist for 4 to 72 hours.)

Please Note: If you have any other questions about our constipation clinical trials or other research studies at Accord Clinical Research, please call us at (386) 760-7272. Our office hours are from 7 am to 5 PM every weekday.